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Project Description
The SharePoint PowerShell Community Toolkit is a community based project to add additional command line functionality to SharePoint using PowerShell cmdlets. Although SharePoint already has over 500+ commands, there is always more that people want to add.

For installation and command examples, please see the Documentation. Currently we only have cmdlets for working with Enterprise Search. We are interested in expanding the included commands into other areas of SharePoint. If you have ideas for cmdlets or want to contribute, please let us know. We hope to see this become one centralized repository for common commands that people use on a regular basis.

We recommend you review the source code of all cmdlets you intend to use. Although we make every effort to validate all code, we cannot be responsible for any issues or data loss that may occur as a result of issuing these commands. Please, ensure you have valid backups before using these commands.

The distributable for this project is a .NET assembly. This project is specifically for cmdlets built using C# (or other languages) code. At this time, we have no way of including custom script (.ps1) files for inclusion in the toolkit.

Have a cmdlet you would like to contribute? Contact me here, start a discussion, or send me a message on twitter.

Version Released! Release v1.0.1.1
Three new cmdlets available.

For more information, see this post.

Corey Roth

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