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This cmdlet tests a query against SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search and returns an XmlDocument with the results.

SearchServiceApplicationPipeBind - Search Service Application object
Query - string containing a keyword syntax Enterprise Search query
Location - Optional. Default is LocalSearchIndex. Used to specify a federated location to search.
SearchServiceApplicationProxyName - Optional. Default is Search Service Application. Used to specify the name of the search service application proxy.
StartItem - Optional. Start item number to return in search results.
ItemsPerPage - Optional. Default is 10. Number of items to return per page.

Example (Queries Enterprise Search for the term "accounting" and saves the results as an XML file):
$searchapp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication "Search Service Application"
(Get-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryResults -SearchApplication $searchapp -query "accounting").Save("c:\scripts\SearchResults.xml")

Author: Corey Roth (@coreyroth)
Creation Date: 8/15/2010

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